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Liz, a twenty-nine-year-old wife and mother of two, awakens at Stanford Hospital. Unrecognizable faces hover over her and a middle-aged woman is holding her hand – calling her “Kate.” Our heroine learns that three days ago she perished in a tragic accident and became the donor of the first successful brain transplant surgery. Her brain, memories, and knowledge are now in the body of Kate, an eleven-year-old girl. Liz learns that she is not supposed to have a personal memory - but something went wrong. She remembers her past life.
   Liz/Kate is faced with an overwhelming situation. How does she resolve her death and rebirth? How does she stop being Liz and start becoming Kate?
   Becoming Kate is a novel about identity, love and letting go, redemption and second chances.
   The novel is available on www.barnesandnoble.com, www.amazon.com. It is also available at independent bookstores throughout the nation, downloadable as an ebook from Barnes and Nobel and Amazon.
Becoming Kate
By Dixie Owens